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  HAINAN MODERN WOMEN & INFANTS HOSPITAL is medical treatment, research, prevention, care and rehabilitation for women and children in one of the modern medical institutions.It takes "care for women's health" as its own responsibility, adhering to the "care for women and children's health is our responsibility" as the hospital objectives, Adhere to the "five star service, civilian consumption" as the hospital policy, with high quality, modern high-end quality medical management, personalized medical care, rich in the humanistic care, well-built female friends in Hainan class "healthy homes".

  The hospital is located in the bustling JinYu road of Haikou, with a convenient transportation and beautiful environment; the complex buildings a European architectural style which has ten floors and More than 10,000 square meters of space. There are several areas designed specifically for the patients in the building such as the Sunshine waiting hall, Graceful piano coffee bar, VIP luxury warm ward and so on. The hospital uses the five-star decoration with the combination of artistic sense and sense of the times, soft background music, modern and elegant decoration layout, the indoor layout is full of fashionable elements, and the facilities are quite advanced. We are trying to create a unique, elegant, warm, comfortable and modern medical environment for you.

  Our hospital set up a number of key disciplines: Gynecology, Obstetric, Mammary branch, pediatrics, plastic and aesthetic department, and Internal medicine and so on, invested heavily in the introduction of Germany, Korea, America, Britain, Italy, Japan and other countries of domestic and foreign high-tech advanced medical equipment, such as the Queen E light treatment system, Department of benevolence and laser treatment of platform, Semiconductor laser treatment system, The United States of America microcrystalline grinding scar treatment system, Micro wave rejuvenation treatment system, Ionic drug permeation whitening treatment instrument, Full automatic biochemical analyzer, The United States of America GE four-dimensional color ultrasound, the South Korea Madison color ultrasound, Germany WOLF laparoscopic, Screw in vitro short-wave, The United States Beckman chemical luminescence and so on. We are professional for the majority of women and children. There are more than designed 100 beds in this building. The hospital has established the leading domestic technology “laminar flow cleans operation room, delivery room, abortion room” and" modernization of infant touching pool”。

  We have strong capital strength of hospital medicines, have a skilled and experienced of various medical doctors, which attracts including Medicine Doctor, professor and a large number of clinical medical elite of more than 100 people who are willing to escort for your health.

  We adhere to "put love into every detail of the medical, give your sincere, confidence and happiness" service concept, focus on the humanistic service process, outstanding in the whole” one to one" accompanying services, implementing the "one-stop" medical services, postoperative follow-up, doctor cozy night and so on, opening the “love train” for free shuttle to the patients, in addition, we have the Hainan maternal and child health express free for women and children to do the health examination, using the full automatic information management, printing the medical list, achieving “enjoyable the medicine, transparent consumption”。

  Hainan modern hospital will be along "Hospital of sincerity and faith hospital, a tree green hospital, built the humanities hospital" as the objectives, advocating "patients, medical ethics is supreme, supreme medical to fine, sincere service" medical essence, Examine the modern women's health care in new perspective, with services of higher quality, more reasonable price, more professional care, to return the majority of women's and children's trust!

Address: Jinyu east road 4th in Haikou City(near to Longhua district, Haikou City Court) Location on map
Consultation hotline:0898-6676 5555 Emergency calls:0898-6666 0120 Comclaint call:0898-6678 8555
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